A Recent Question About Square Footage


I was recently asked a question by a home owner that many people who own a single family house have asked. The question was:

“Does a garage count as part of the square footage for a home?”

And the answer is, no. Although, home owners might use a garage as an additional bedroom, game room, etc, it is not part of the square footage of the home. Yes, the garage of a house is attached to the property, but should not be included in the listing of a home so make sure you’re working with a competent agent (like myself). However, if the garage is converted legally with permits into a living space (along with heated and cooling units installed) then it is possible for it to be included in the square footage of the home. Keep in mind that a porch is absolutely not included in the square footage – I don’t imagine anyone would convert a porch. I live in Sunny Isles Beach, which has a cluster of single family homes in the subdivision of Golden Shores. Most of the homes here have single or double garages, but that does not mean they are included in the square footage of the property. If you have any questions about listing your property or other questions about your property, feel free to share it on this blog or post it on my fan page.