Long Distance Relationships DO Work!

Illustration by Nancy Doniger

Most people, when purchasing or selling their properties are local home owners/hunters that work with a local real estate agent. However, more people are now buying homes without even setting a foot inside the door. Many questions can run through your mind about risking a purchase of a home without physically being present, but surprisingly, it’s not so risky. Home buyers that are not physically there to purchase  a single-family house or condo either live overseas or in a different state – the cost of travelling back and forth adds up quickly.

Another reason there is an increase in remote home buyers is because inventory is low, which forces people to become more aggressive and creative. If you find yourself living in another state or country and desire to purchase or sell your home in South Florida or anywhere else, I have some advice for you. First of all, work with a Realtor that is committed to getting the job done – especially since you are not present to call him/her every minute. The more committed the agent, the better. Committed agents that are motivated can get very creative when catering to home buyers and sellers. For instance, I make sure to utilize technology as much as possible when I have a client that is not present. Below, are some procedures that I carry out to guarantee my client receives white glove treatment when they hire me. When  my client is interested in purchasing a single-family house in Sunny Isles, Aventura, Surfside, Bay Harbor, Miami Beach or wherever, I’lll take photos of the property including a video from the time I walk inside the door to the time I walk out. I’ll also record important features of the neighborhood as well as the interior of the home. If my client wants to purchase a condo, I will repeat the same process, only this time I will also record the building’s amenities such as, the pool, gym, spa, etc. If my buyer’s schedule matches up with mine then I would usually do a live-stream recording (which they love because they can ask questions and receive answers in real time). Do you know anyone that is interested in purchasing or selling a property in South Florida? Send me an email to masso@kw.com with some information and I’ll make sure to get back to you in less than 24 Hours, guaranteed. What are your thoughts about purchasing a property without setting a food inside the door? Share them here or on my fan page!