Does This Look Familiar?

photo 36911532

I came a cross a picture of a beautiful skyscraper in Chicago called the Aqua Tower. The design of the building looked incredibly familiar and I realized that Sunny Isles’ newest member, Regalia, is quite similar to the Aqua building. Looks like both buildings were designed by two separate architects, who happened to have the same idea. The Aqua Tower in Chicago was designed by Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang Architects and the Regalia was designed by Bernardo Fort-Brescia of Arquitectonica. Both buildings were designed to capture the look and feel of ocean waves stuck in mid air. I guarantee the next time you see Regalia you’ll think about the Aqua Tower in Chicago and the next time you see Aqua Tower in Chicago you’ll think of Regalia. Regalia and Aqua tower may look similar, but they are incredibly different. Regalia is unique building that was built for pure exclusivity and privacy with a floor for one unit each. The Aqua Tower in Chicago is a building composed of office, hotel and residential space/living. “Like” my fan page to receive updates and news you can use!  I challenge you to guess which building is what – just go to my page here, and post your comments!