Shocking Home Improvements That May Lower Your Home Value

As a home buyer or seller you always want your property to appreciate in value. Adding a pool to a house or remodeling a kitchen can increase the home’s value by thousands of dollars. Where do you draw the line? What should you do and what shouldn’t you do to improve the value of your home?

What are some projects that can lower your home value?

Converting bedrooms into other spaces: Home buyers want to be able to see a condo or a house with plenty of bedrooms, not “other space.” Let the home buyers decide to convert a bedroom into an office or playroom once they decide to purchase. More bedrooms = more value.

Installing a hot tub: It’s easy to jump on this one because who doesn’t love to unwind in a hot tub after a long day? The buyers looking at your house won’t like to unwind in the same hot tub as you. Buyers may find it unhygienic or gross to use the same tub other than themselves. The issue with this lies in removing the hot tub, which is not an easy chore to do and can be very costly (for the buyers) – in turn, it might steer them away from purchasing your house.

Landscaping galore: This obviously only applies to those of you who have a single-family house or town home. One can always appreciate beautiful landscaping. One can also appreciate the maintenance that can go along with the beautiful landscape. This doesn’t mean you should leave the grass to rot and the flowers to wither away – just don’t overdue it or your chances of seeing a buyer or your money will decrease.

Sometimes a home owner that’s emotionally attached to his/her property tend to become inspired with ideas they feel will raise the property’s value. On your next project, just ask me if your plans will increase or decrease the value of your home. I’m always available to consult home owner and home hunters – feel free to email me with any questions: Also check out my facebook page for updates on other home improvements and more!