A Hidden Gem in Sunny Isles Beach


From time to time I find it necessary to write about topics other than new developments or real estate trends (shocking). What is the number one rule in real estate?


So why not talk about a location that has more to offer than luxury condos? One of my favorite cities in South Florida is Sunny Isles Beach. The others on my list are Surfside, Aventura and Miami Beach.  When I was younger, while visiting Aventura Mall I would pass by Sunny Isles Beach (Collins avenue is usually the main street that people sometimes take to go to Aventura Mall). At the time I would always look at the city of Sunny Isles and think to myself that this place was in the middle of nowhere – keep in mind this was only 7 or so years ago. Fast forward to present day and look around this city – luxury condominiums, busy retail plazas and a beautiful beach is what you’ll find. There is a hidden gem in Sunny Isles. The only hidden gem I’ve been waiting for since I moved here – and that is Sunny Isles’ Pelican Community Park and Community Center that was built near the Publix Supermarket on 180th on Collins Ave.

Finally, there is a place in Sunny Isles where people can join athletic leagues. In New York City, everyone joins a sports league of some sort – why not do it in a great city like SIB (Sunny Isles Beach)? One of the coolest leagues there is in the Sunny Isles rec center is a “Drop in Basketball League.” When I looked into this a ‘bit more I was amazed! Basically, this league was created exclusively for us busy folks. You know the drill… we have a busy schedule and committing to a regular schedule is taboo. Luckily, this Drop in Basketball League fixes all that. The league features weekly game days where registration is accepted each day of that game. This is a perfect league for anyone who actually works in South Florida wink. “So Mor…you’re saying that we should all move to Sunny Isles?” No – I’m just pointing out some great benefits to the city of Sunny Isles in case you or someone you know is planning to move there. If you’re not into basketball, there are other leagues and clubs as well. If you have children, then they will love the after school programs and youth leagues that Sunny Isles’ Pelican Community have.

If anyone has a crazy schedule and wants to join this Drop in Basketball League, let me know, I’ll join a team with you! If you know of any cool spots to check out in your city, feel free to share it by posting a comment or my fan page! Show off your city’s hotspots on my facebook page and maybe I’ll even blog about it.