New Porsche Design. A Building Like No Other.

What can be more exciting than a new Porsche design? I’m not talking about a new look for the car, but a new look for a building. If you haven’t heard, the newest building in development in Sunny Isles Beach is the Porsche Design Tower. Forget what you’ve seen in other buildings, the Porsche building is truly unique. Porsche Design Group and popular Sunny Isles developer, Gil Dezer have combined technology, comfort and luxury into this new development.

What’s so unique about the Porsche Tower?Ā Simply put, no more walking to the garage for your car, just glass elevators that will conveniently drop you off at your front door or out the building. Imagine the following: You drive back to your new apartment at the Porsche Design Tower in beautiful Sunny Isles and it’s time to park. An intelligent robotic parking system will place your car in a glass elevator that will drop you off in front of your unit. The elevator will be an experience like none other as you’ll stare out to the unparalleled views of Sunny Isles. The Porsche Tower will be located at 18555 Collins avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, South Florida. The building will have 57-stories of 132 luxurious units. Residents will be able to see their cars from their living rooms! How large must the units be to have a garage and luxury space? Units will range from 3,800 to 9,500 square feet. For a price range between $4 – $9 million you too can own a unit in The Porsche Design Tower. It will cost the developers $214 million to construct this exclusive building in Sunny Isles. Collins avenue is becoming a site seeing street.

Click here to see what Porsche Design Tower will look like!

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