How Open Are You?


I recently came back from a seminar where the speaker was trying to push a training course where real estate agents are taught to memorize scripts in order to cold call For Sale By Owner signs and expired listings. Does this work or not? I guess the question can be answered by real estate agents and home owners. Some real estate agents say it’s tough to read something off of a paper that doesn’t have their own words or thoughts – maybe it takes some getting used to. Back to the question – does it work? Short answer, yes. Majority of agents want to maintain a positive relationship with a home owner before, during and after a transaction. Surprisingly, it’s not all about the money, so for all of you guarded home owners, loosen up – we actually care to make your life and your family’s life much easier.

Now…how open are you? If you received a phone call with an agent that sounded genuine over the phone, would you hang up? Would you make up a lie or would you be open to hearing what he or she has to say? Many FSBO homes end up staying on the market for months without even getting looked at by other interested home buyers. If you think about it, many home buyers are already working with real estate agents – so if there isn’t a bridge for listing agents and buyer agents to meet how will an FSBO home sell?

Let’s visit the topic of expired listings. How open are you to re-list your home with an agent right after the listing was expired? True, there are agents that just want the listing under their belt and call it a day. Many agents just place the property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and make a couple of calls and pat themselves on the back for a “job well done.” How can a home owner even trust another agent after having a home sit on the market with lazy marketing? Must be tough to be open after experiencing horrible service. However, there are agents that know their stuff. Here are some tips you can use next time you receive a  call from an agent asking to re-list your home with them:

1. What brokerage are they with? Some great agents come from a small shop brokerage. However, if one of the agents that call you are from a brokerage that has a great reputation, it might be worth your time hearing them out. Why? Great brokerages train agents every day on laws that help and protect home owners. They also provide agents with valuable information on how to properly sell and market a property so it stays on the market for the least amount of time at the highest price possible.

2. Pay attention to the questions:  If your home is an expired listing then questions like “what did the previous agent do to help sell your house?” “why do you think your home didn’t sell?” Pay attention to these specific questions because the agent on the phone is analyzing what mistakes were made and what needs to be corrected to properly sell your house or condo. If you are a For Sale By Owner then questions like “what have you done to get your home (or condo) sold?” “when do you need to move by?” are good indicators that the agent knows what he or she is talking about. Sure, there are agents that are reading it off of a script, but that’s why accepting to meet with the agent in person will help you judge their knowledge and skill, or lack there of.

3. Are they just trying to please you? This question really applies to when you actually decide to meet with an agent after a call. Most home owners think their property is worth more than it actually is. If you decide that you want to sell your home for $300,000 and it’s really worth $200,000 then pay attention to how the agent responds. If he or she just want to please you, they will list it for $300,000. However, if they did their homework, then they would put up a fight for $200,000 or probably $250,000. Know and remember this following statement: When the price is right people buy!

Share your thoughts – how open would you be? what would you do?

These are just some tips to lookout for when dealing with an agent that is cold calling you. If you are interested to learn mor(e) << see what I did there? then feel free to email me at If you don’t want to wait for a cold call then you should make the call to an agent (assuming you know of any) – otherwise, give agents a chance, they really care. If you want a free home price evaluation then you can email me to the email I provided or get social with me on facebook!