What The *UC**?

Happy Post Holidays! It’s been a little over two weeks since I last blogged, so I’m going to talk about dirty laundry. It’s time you take your washer and dryer seriously, and I’m… Continue reading

Save The Date

  It’s that time of year when people in South Florida put on their spring jackets, sunglasses and not to mention flip flops. Save the date because Sunny Isles Beach is having a… Continue reading

Buying to Invest – A Real Life Example

This post is dedicated to people who are interested in investing in real estate. There are many ways to invest in real estate and different strategies to do so. I’m going to give… Continue reading

A Recent Question About Square Footage

I was recently asked a question by a home owner that many people who own a single family house have asked. The question was: “Does a garage count as part of the square… Continue reading

A story about how I lost $4.7 Million…

Let me tell you about a story about how I lost $4.7 million. This was actually a real estate deal that was selling for $4.7 million. My client was at the table with… Continue reading

The Best Advice for a FSBO

So you’re thinking of selling your house or condo on your own. You are taking the route of FSBO (For Sale By Owner). As a real estate and marketing consultant I can tell… Continue reading

Long Distance Relationships DO Work!

Most people, when purchasing or selling their properties are local home owners/hunters that work with a local real estate agent. However, more people are now buying homes without even setting a foot inside… Continue reading

Does This Look Familiar?

I came a cross a picture of a beautiful skyscraper in Chicago called the Aqua Tower. The design of the building looked incredibly familiar and I realized that Sunny Isles’ newest member, Regalia,… Continue reading

The Checklist That Will Save You From Headaches

I can’t tell you how many times a real estate contract for a single-family home or condo is delayed or even cancelled because of the most ridiculous and obvious reasons. This blog post… Continue reading

Creative Rental Strategies – Think Outside The Box

Let’s talk condo and house rentals. You’re not sure if you’re ready to purchase a property and your only option is to rent a condo or a house (chances are you’ll be renting… Continue reading